• Hourly Tracking Of Your Building and Irrigation Water Use To

    End Water Bill Surprises

  • Created For Clients with HUGE Water Bills

    Shopping Centers, Residential Complexes, Business Parks and Campuses

    We're NOT For You If

    You Look Like This When You Get Your Bill

    Most residential  water bills are too small to really worry about. A difference of ten dollars in your water bill is just not worth an investment in Blue Dashboard.

    Our Product Is Perfect If

    You've Gotten Bills That Made You Look Like This!

    Just one billing cycle with an undetected leak in a building or an irrigation controller watering based on the wrong setting can be enough to move you to higher billing tiers resulting in bills that are thousands of dollars higher than budgeted.

  • Reducing Water Bills For Commercial Customers By Continuously Monitoring Building And Landscape Water Use

    Low-cost/low-maintenance devices take hourly readings of your water use from your irrigation AND building meters.


    The readings are sent once a day to servers where leaks, possible bumps to higher billing tiers, state mandated water reductions and other parameters are evaluated.


    If limits are exceeded alerts flagging the issue are sent to our staff and your property manager.

    Fast Implementation

    First we review each property to make certain that it is a good candidate for our services.


    Our staff contacts property managers, landscape contractors, water district conservation staff and other people relevant to the project.


    At the end of this process we present you with a clear statement of work showing exactly what will be done, how much it will cost and how long the installation will take.


    We also discuss our single annual support contract. Our goal is a long term relationship with you and your staff.

    Once you sign the contract with Blue Dashboard your work is done.

    Using the last two years of water bills that you've provided and working with water conservation professionals we set up your alert thresholds, work with your property manager and landscapers to install the smart water meters and establish your online water management web portal.

    Meters can clamp onto interior pipes with no interruption to service

    Our Badger water meters use cellular technology to send water use data to the the cloud database.

    We use the newest technology from the one of the oldest water meter manufacturers in the world. Badger Meters was founded in 1905 and had over $350 million in sales in 2015.


    Their meters and cellular endpoints are guaranteed to operate for many years without need for replacement. Repairs within the warranty period are included with your contract. There is no software to maintain and no system setup required.

    Alerts Are Generated In Time To Address Issues Before Water Bills Arrive.

    When new meter readings sent to the database and your water use is compared to alert thresholds that we have set for your property (warnings about moving to a higher billing tier or exceeding the mandated water reduction amount for example).


    If any threshold is exceeded both our staff and your designated contacts receive notifications as to the nature of the issue and suggested courses of action to be taken to resolve it.


    Your system can be configured to turn off water if a building leak is detected.

    Monthly Reports Are Sent To Customers To Recap Alerts and To Help Understand Water Use Patterns

    Alerts are important, but understanding how water conservation actions are working is also vital.


    We send your designated contacts a summary of water usage, any alerts sent in the past month and a list of alerts which might be generated in the near future based on projected usage.


    Immediate ROI

    Unlike most water conservation investments your savings are often immediate and dramatic. One undiscovered leak or an entire billing cycle at the highest tier can cost you thousands of dollars.


    The entire cost to keep from having these "surprises" is a single capital outlay to install the meters and one annual maintenance fee. There are no reports to read, no software to maintain and no unexpectedly high water bills.


    We'll send alerts for any conditions which might cause spikes in water bills as soon as they occur. No more waiting for your bill to find out things have gone wrong with your watering systems.



    Contact Your Water Agency to See How We Can Assist You: You may be eligible for a free water conservation rebate program



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